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Top 5 Videography Camera Apps For Android in 2022

  1. In this article, I am going to tell you about Top 5 Videography Camera Apps for Android in 2022. Every mobile has a pre-installed camera app, but we do not find much features in it. For the purpose of making professional photos & videos we need to install camera apps from Google Play Store or App Store. But not all camera apps are good on play store and app store. Some apps are paid & some haven’t latest and advanced features. That’s why today I’m going to tell you about the 5 best free camera apps for android in 2022.

So let’s get started…

1: Filmic Pro

Filmic pro is one of the best and useful camera app for android. It has lot of professional and advanced features, which are very useful in Videography. Now, we are going to discuss it’s all features.

1:Exposure Control

We can control exposure manually in filmic pro camera app.Camera exposure is the amount of light that enters a camera and hits the film or sensor. Exposure control feature in filmic pro app provides quality to videos. If we need to low light in day light, or high in dark, we can easily change exposure in filmic pro.

2: External Microphone Attachment

Pre installed camera apps don’t have external microphone feature. External microphone provides high level audio quality in our videos. We can easily attach external mic and increase audio quality in filmic pro app.

3: 4K Video Recording

4k video recording is a new technology that is quickly gaining popularity in the industry. It has been a while since HD video recording was introduced and now 4k video recording is making its way into the market.

Mostly people wants to record their videos in 4k resolution. Filmic pro app provides this feature to it’s users. We can easily record 4k videos easily in filmic pro app.

4: Video Stabilization

Video stabilization is a technique that helps to smooth out the jittery movements of the camera. Video stabilization can be achieved through software or hardware. Filmic Pro App provides digital video stabilization feature, which is very useful for videographers.

5: Frame Rate

Frame rate is the number of still images that are captured per second in a video. A high frame rate means that a video will be smoother and more realistic. Frame rates can be measured in frames per second (fps) or hertz (Hz). The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will look.

We can record a video upto 120 FPS in filmic pro app. This feature is really amazing for users.

2: Open Camera

Open camera is one of the most popular app on play store. 80% Youtubers who record videos with mobile, are using open camera app. It is a free app & low size apk. It does not require high end mobile phone for installation. It smoothly works in any device. It have lots of features which are really amazing for users. Some features are written below.

1: Auto Face Detection

This technology makes it easier to edit videos by automatically detecting faces and positioning them in the center of the frame. Open camera provides auto face detection feature. If we want to record facecam videos for youtube, tiktok or snack video, this feature is really amazing for video creators.

2: Timer

Timer feature is best for making tiktok, snack, and short videos on youtube. We can set timing according to our need. If we want to record our video after 10 sec or 15 sec, we can do it easily by timer setting.

3: Audio Level Meter

During recording video, we can enable audio level meter. It helps us to see our voice level. This feature is really amazing for recording youtube videos.

4: Video Bitrate

Video bit rate is the amount of data that can be transferred in a unit of time. It’s measured in bits per second (bps). The higher the video bit rate, the better the quality of video. We can control bit rate during video according to our need.

5: Exposure Control

Open camera also provides exposure control feature. According to lighting situation, we can control exposure in open camera app.


3: HD Camera

Hd camera have 50 million downloads on play store. It is also one of the most popular camera app. It is very handy and easy to use. It has lot of latest features, which provides quality in making videos and capturing photos. Now, we are going to discuss it’s top features.

1: White Balance

White balance is the process of adjusting the colors of a video to make white objects look white. When we shoot a video, it records everything in a scene with a color cast, and it’s up to the camera operator or software to adjust for that. In HD Camera App, we can easily control white balance during recording video.

2: Video Filters

Filters are a great way to make a video look more professional. There is no denying the fact that post-production has taken over in the world of videography. Filters are just one of the many things that people use to enhance their videos and give them that extra polish. Lot of filters we can use in hd camera app which makes video beautiful.

3: Flash While Recording Video

In low light condition, we can use flash light while recording video. Flashlight during video is an amazing feature in Hd Camera app. Videos can be easily record in night, dark, or in low light. Light provides quality in our videos.

4: HDR

HDR is a photography technique that captures a wider range of light and color than normal digital cameras. HD Camera App provides HDR mode, which is really useful for photographers.

5: Audio Channels

HD Camera App provides Mono & Stereo audio mode. We can record audio according to our need.

4: B612 Camera

B612 is a multi functional camera app. It have 100 million + downloads on play store. This camera app provides many latest and advanced features, which are really amazing and cool. It is also a photo editor and video editor. We can easily edit our photos & videos in it. The some top features of this camera app is written below:

1: Effects

B612 have lot of amazing and cool effects, which makes videos & photos beautiful. These effects can be easily used in photos and videos. For making tiktok, snack, and instagram reels, these effects are very useful. It would not be wrong to say, 80% of people download this camera app because of its cool effects.

2: Filters

B612 camera app have 200+ photo & video filters. Filters makes our videos & photos very attractive and cool. As compared to other camera apps, b612 have lot of filters.

3: Beauty Mode

Beauty mode provides extra beauty in our photos / videos. By using beauty mode we can customize our skin color, remove acne, highlights, and change our hair color. Many people use this feature in creating short videos for tiktok or instagram. Also beauty mode can be used in photography.

4: Photo & Video Editor

B612 camera app is also a photo & video editor. We can edit our photos and videos in it. There are many filters & effects for photo/video editing. Almost, we can edit every type of photo / video in it. This feature is also provide value to its users.

5: Music Video

Music video is a combination of music and video. In 2022, there are many short video platforms like tiktok, Instagram, facebook and YouTube shorts etc. People makes short videos for these platforms. Some people add music in their videos. But this needs video editing. In video editing, we can add music in our videos.

But B612 camera app provides live music video feature. We can add any kind of custom music, which we wants to add in our videos, during shooting videos. We do not need any kind of video editing. Music video feature is really cool.


5: Camera FV – 5

Camera fv-5 is a professional camera app. It gives professional features that we can only see in DSLR Cameras. In FV-5 Camera App all photographic and video graphic parameters are adjustable and always at hand, with this camera app we can also capture the best raw photographs. You will get fully manual controls in FV-5 camera app.

1: ISO Control

Iso is a basic camera setting that will brighten or darken our photo. Basically it is the sensitivity of light. DSLR cameras have an option to control iso manually. But FV-5 camera app also provide iso manual control feature. This feature is rarely found in camera apps.

2: DSLR Like Viewfinder

In camera fv-5 app, we can see exposure time, aperture, stop with ev in real time. This feature is also rarely found in camera apps.

3: Time-lapse

Time-lapse is a technique in which video or photo captures at lower frequency rate as compared to normal frequency. When we played a video, video runs faster than usual. Time-lapse feature is normally found in DSLR cameras. But, in camera fv-5, we can use this feature.

4: Image Formats

In camera fv-5, we can clicks photos in Raw, JPEG and PNG Formats. A normal camera app have only one image format.

5: Digital Zoom

In camera fv-5, we can take zoom in, zoom out by pinch out and pinch in. During capturing photos and videos we don’t need to click on zoom button, we can directly take zoom in and zoom out from this amazing feature.

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