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If you want to make your boring mobile an amazing mobile, there are top 5 pro apps for your android and iphone in 2022. Such apps will make your mobile great and amazing. If you want to do something different and special, and want to make your mobile delicious. These top 5 apps are really useful for you. Must read this article till the end for such an amazing apps for your smartphone.

Aloha Browser

There are thousands of Browsers available on PlayStore and AppStore for android and iphone. But aloha browser will amaze you. What is so special about this browser? I am going to tell it’s amazing features, Which you won’t find in any other browser.

Features of Aloha Browser :
  • The first amazing feature of aloha browser is built in vpn. Yes, aloha has built in vpn and you don’t need to install vpn app. By using this vpn you can create your free virtual private network without installing any app. It is such a great and useful feature of aloha.
  • Second feature is also amazing and useful. When you are visiting different websites, you see ads. These ads are very irritating for every user. But don’t worry, aloha has solved the ads problem. You can block ads by enabling ad blocker in aloha. After enabling ad blocker you don’t see any kinds of advertisement. It is my favorite feature of aloha browser.
  • Third feature of aloha is built in media player. You can use this browser as a media player during watching videos. This is really great and useful feature of aloha.
  • The fourth feature is Appearance Settings. Custom themes and wallpapers are available in this browser. You can change themes and wallpapers in browser according to your choice.


Profile Viewer :






With this amazing tool, you will keep an eye on your Facebook and Instagram account. When someone follows you, this tool will send you a notification and follower id. You can view her profile in just 1 click by using this tool. You don’t need to search her name on Facebook or Instagram, you just open profile viewer app and click on notification. Automatically her profile will be viewed. You can see her profile without wasting any time. This is such a great app for social media users.

Features of Profile Viewer :
  • Your data is available in encrypted form. So, your data is safe.
  • Data can’t be deleted automatically until you delete it.
  • Save instant data of your followers.
  • Keep an eye on your follower profiles on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook Stylish Name Maker :






If you want to amazed your friends by showing your stylish Facebook Name. This app is really interesting for you. By just one click you can generate your stylish facebook name by using this app. You can use this name in your Facebook profile name. When your friends will watch your stylish name, they will be amazed.

Features of Facebook Stylish Name Maker App :
  • Generate your stylish name fir Facebook in just one click.
  • Impress your friends by showing them your stylish name.
  • Unlimited names generator.
  • Also generate Capital name for your Facebook profile.
  • Copy/Share button for copy your Facebook name and replace with your new stylish name.


Fast Save :






Fast save is a browser app that helps in downloading free videos and photos. When you wnat to download any kind of videos and photos from internet, you can use fast save app for downloading. It is a very simple, easy and fast way to download content from internet. Also any social media content can be downloaded by using this app.

Features of Fast Save App :
  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited download limit.
  • Download every kind of content from internet.
  • Browse sites for free.
  • Just copy and paste the link of content which you want to download.
  • Fast downloading speed.


Calculator Lock :






Calculator lock is an app which is really amazing for everyone. By using this app, you hide your photos, videos and any kind of content. Actually this app is a gallery locker, but ot won’t shows everyone in your mobile. It is just like an calculator app. The hidden gallery is back on the calculator. If someone opens this app, it is impossible to guess it’s truth. Because a specific password which is a code. Until you don’t dial this code on this calculator, it won’t opened the hidden gallery. It is really an amazing app for pro users. You can easily hide your data in calculator gallery app.

Features of Calculator Lock App :
  • Hide photos / videos and any kind of content freely.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Fake calculator app icon, which can’t gassed by anyone.
  • No data shared with any third party.
  • Data is encrypted in transit.
  • Now one can view your files until he not enter a hidden password set by you.


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