Top 5 Magic Photo Editing Apps 2022

Convert your boring photos into lovely and amazing photos, by using top 5 magic photo editing apps. These apps are really cool photo editing apps. Anyone can edit his photos easily in these magic photo editing apps. Your friends will be amazed to see your edited photos. Sometimes we takes photos but due to weather or useless ideas, we can’t capture cool photos. But don’t worry, if you have your boring photos. You can convert your boring photos to amazing photos. After using these top 5 magic photos editing apps, you will shocked. You only find such features in professional photo editing apps.

1: Lightleap

Lighleap is such a magic photo editing apps. I really like it’s auto editing features. We don’t need to edit our photo manu. This app can convert our boring photos to cool photos automatically. It’s auto sky changing feature is really useful. We can change our photo sky automatically. Just we need to select sky which we like. There are lot of sky templates available.

Also more magic features are available in lightleap photo editing app like, sharpe photo, auto colouring, auto beauty and auto filter etc. Presets are also available for cool automatic photo editing. Color grading options are also available, we can adjust manually or automatically our photos colours. Download lighleap app now and make awesome images.

2: Prisma

Prisma is a photo editor which have more than 500 filters and effects for photo editing. The art filters are also amazing. We can make our photo to art photo. Also we can convert our boring photo to art filter like sketch etc. Prisma updates her users everyday with new art filters. There are lot of photo editing tools like enhancement mode, exposure, sharpness, brightness, vintage and contrast etc. By using prisma app you can make your photo to a piece of art. The background changer & blemish remover tools are also awesome.

So you can Download prisma app and create amazing photos.

3: Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Photo lab editor is a combination of thousands of effects, filters, adjustment tools, templates, frames and collages. This is really magic editing app for pro users. It’s automatic photo editing system is really amazing. By just one tap, we can edit our photos automatically. After editing your image looks like realistic art. You can easily convert your boring photo to a realistic art.

Photo lab features are really awesome which other apps didn’t gives us. Swap face feature is my favorite feature in photo lab photo editor. By using face swap we can turn our self into our friend pirate. The complicated montages are handled by automatically from photo lab app. Different kinds of collages can easily be made by photo lab. Just click on Download and start awesome editing.

4: Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app in which we can edit both raw and jpg images. Lot of photo editing tools are available for professional editing. The tools like Healing and HDR are really cool. Snapseed is such a magic photo editing app because it’s have lot of professional features. We can highlight something manually. By using sensitive tool we can adjust contrast, brightness, and situation manually from anywhere in image. Converting raw to jpg is also possible in snapseed.

The cool features like crop, adjustment, brush, selective, drama, vintage, grain, perspective, expand, tune image and control balance are such of amazing and cool features of snapseed. Install now snapseed photo editing app and start professional editing.

5: Facetune2 Editor

Facetune2 editor app developed by lightricks limited. It is a photo editor and video editor. So, you can edit both images and videos in facetune2 app. Selfie editing is very easy in face2tune editor. Easily apply make up effect in photos and videos. Enhance image and video quality in one tap. Adjust skin tones, colors, brighness, contrast, situation and exposure. Color grade your photos and videos easily. By using reshape feature tin or thick eyebrows in one tap only. Whiten your clothes and teeth in one click. Skin smoothness feature is also amazing. Remove extra and unwanted things by using vanish tool in facetune2 editor.

We can also change hair color in just one tap. Lot of features you will find after Installing facetune2 editor app. It will be a great experience to edit your photos like magic Editing on your mobile.


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