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File sharing apps are very necessary for us in this techy world. For transferring audios, videos and apps we need a powerful file sharing app. The app which transfer files in fast speed and without loosing quality. Don’t worry if your file sharing app is slow. Because in this article we are going to talk about the top 5 file sharing apps for pro users. These powerful apps can increase your data sharing speed up to 50 %. In Play Store and App Store, there are thousands of file sharing apps available. But 80% apps have slow speed and some loosed the quality of a file. But, the top 5 file sharing apps, which I can suggest you, don’t loose quality and the transferring speed is also very fast.

1: Files by Google

Files by Google is an offline data sharing app. We can share files with WPA2 Protection which is very secure method. It provides super fast transferring speed of 480 Mbps. It have a search option which is very helpful in searching files easily. Free up space feature is also very useful. When our mobile storage going to full, it helps in cleaning our storage. Sometimes we don’t have enough space in our smartphone. In that situation we can use Cloud Storage. We can use cloud storage to save our files in cloud storage. It helps in freeing our mobile storage. Also we can download our files when we need. File management feature in Google Files is also amazing. We can search, rename, edit, delete, move, and share files. The GIFS saved in our mobile we can also browse in Files by Google. Searching files through search feature and filters is also a useful feature. Although Files By Google is a fast and secure file sharing app. It is available on both Play Store and App Store.

Download from Play Store

2: Xender

Xender is a file sharing app which haves 100 Million + downloads on Play Store. It is also popular due to his useful features. There are lot of features Xender have, which makes it very interesting and useful for us. Sharing music, video, audio, picture, image, and apps is very easy in Xender. We need to connect both mobiles (sender & receiver). One mobile need to tap on send and other receive. It’s connecting speed is very fast. Multiple files can be send at the same time. Large files also can easily be send. Without any restrictions we can send any file. Xender is also a file manager. Managing audios, videos, pictures and apps is very easy. Move, rename, and editing features are also included. It is also a downloader app. If we need to download audio or video from youtube, facebook and from instagram, it helps in downloading files. Video to Mp3 feature of Xender is also for pro user. By just one tap we can convert our video to mp3 file. Xender is also an offline data sharing app, and it does not require data connection or internet. It is available in up to 20 languages.


3: EasyShare

EasyShare is an app designed by Vivo Communication Technology. It is a File Sharing and Downloader app. It have 100M+ Downloads on Play Store and UpTo 4.3 ratings. This is also a file sharing app for pro user. It supports all devices like android, ios also includes windows and mac OS. The Internet connection is not required during sharing files. It helps in saving data. EasyShare is an Ads Less file sharing app. It means that we can share any file, anytime without disturbing. It haven’t limitation of file size. Any type and any size file can be shared using easyshare app. It is available in World Wide. Easyshare provides up to 40 mbps speed which is very great. It is such a useful tool for data sharing.


4: ShareMe

ShareMe file sharing app is the most popular app on Play Store. It have 1 Billion + downloads and 5 star rating on Play Store. ShareMe app developed Xiaomi. It’s interesting and amazing features make it a powerful file sharing tool. It supports ultra fast speed in IOS and Android devices. ShareMe is a safe and easy to use file sharing app. It have very friendly UI. Everyone can easily understand and use it. ShareMe helps in transferring very large file sizes. If our files were interrupted, no need to send again. Files can be start transferring where connection get lost. We can easily send Documents, Videos, Audios and Music files by using ShareMe. ShareMe connectivity speed is ultra fast.  You can easily download it from given link below.


5: Zapya

Zapya is a very Old and Popular File Sharing App. It released on Nov 23, 2014. It haves 100M+ downloads and 1M+ reviews on Play Store. Zapya is developed by Dewmobile Inc. It support read and write access to OTG or USB Drive. It’s cross sharing feature is such an amazing feature. We can share files in a group together. It means that multiple devices can be connected together. Zapya supports Bulk sharing feature. Multiple files can be shared at the same time. QR code connecting feature of Zapya is a very useful feature. If we want to connect our devices by scanning QR code, we can do it easily. It also doesn’t need of internet connection. It helps in sharing any kind of file format like, JPEG, MPEG and MP3 etc. If we want to share files from android to iphone, we can easily do with the help of zapya. Android to IOS connectivity and IOS to Android Connectivity is a great, amazing and useful feature of zapya. Better security and fast speed features of zapya makes it awesome app.



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