Top 5 E-Commerce Apps in Pakistan

Do you know about the Top 5 e-commerce Apps in Pakistan. In this article we are going to talk about the top 5 e-commerce and shopping apps and websites in Pakistan. This modern age is the era of online shopping. For buying anything modern people’s use online method to buy anything. The trend of online shopping in increasing day by day. Everything in the world we can now buy online. Everything from drinks to cars can be bought online. According to an estimate, there will come a time when people will only shop online & offline shops will disappear. As the trend of online shopping increases, the offline shops will decreases. So, in this article we are going to tell you about the top 5 e-commerce apps in Pakistan.

1: Daraz App

Daraz app comes in Pakistan in 2012 and equiped by Chinese company Alibaba. Daraz is a top e-commerce app in Pakistan. According to daraz at that time up to 3 millions people are working in daraz app in Pakistan. Daraz e-commerce app is also working in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal. From these 5 countries there are up to 100 million customers daraz have. In Pakistan, daraz is the most popular e-commerce and online shopping app. Daraz services are very good across Pakistan. Daraz have upto 55 million + downloads and 1.5 million reviews on Play Store. It’s popularity is increasing day by day in Pakistan. According to people’s daraz is the best market place for them. It’s delivery time is also very short. Millions of people are making money from daraz. In daraz app, the online stores are increasing day by day. Daraz have over 50M+ products available on it. Daraz app is such a leading online shopping and top e-commerce app in Pakistan.

2: is also a top leading online market place, shopping and e-commerce app in Pakistan. Alibaba owned by SofBank Group Corp. Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group. Alibaba founded in 28 June 1999 in Hangzhou (China). In Pakistan we can buy from in bulk and sell in retail price. We can buy items from alibaba in discounted prices. There are many sellers in Pakistan, can buy items from alibaba in cheap prices and sell in Pakistan at retailer price. It is a discounted deal for them. If we want to buy a single item from alibaba, it is possible in Pakistan. But we need to contact directly to manufacturer. Alibaba charge more fee on heavy items. The shipping fee of lightly items is very low. Alibaba is working in Pakistan are it’s popularity is increasing day by day.

3: AliExpress

AliExpress owned by Alibaba Group. Alibaba and AliExpress are two marketplaces and part of chinese company Alibaba Group. It is working internationally and world wide. The delivery time of aliexpress in Pakistan is 10 to 30 days. But if we choose aliexpress premium shipping, we received our product in 5 to 7 days. There are millions of products are available on aliexpress. Nowadays it’s popularity is also increasing in Pakistan. The items which are not available in Pakistan. We can easily buy from aliexpress. It provides quality products to it’s customers. The variety is unlimited on aliexpress. Millions of people buy goods from aliexpress in Pakistan. It’s shipping fee is also depends on weight. Light weight items shipping fee is less compared to heavy items. Aliexpress is also a top e-commerce app in Pakistan.

4: OLX App

Olx app is the market place for both new and old goods. The full form of olx is on-line exchange. Olx owned by Prosus and established in 2006. For buying and selling it is the best place for people’s. We can easily sell our old products on olx. Also sellers sell their new items on olx. It is the largest market place and shopping app in Pakistan. In the Pakistani e-commerce, olx plays a wider role. It is such a great e-commerce and shopping app in Pakistan.

5: Airlift App

Airlift app founded in March 2019 in Lahore Pakistan by Airlift Express and Airlift Transit. It is popular brand in Pakistan but it market place is not wider than other e-commerce companies. But it is the popular in Pakistan by it’s services. It has 1,000,000+ downloads on Play Store. It’s reviews are also very good. Now, Airlift starts his services in South Africa. It is trying to expand in market place. The delivery time of airlift is also very satisfying. For some especial items like groceries, it’s delivery time is 30 minutes. For grocery items it’s delivery or shipping fee is zero. Recently airlift shopping app lauches his referral program. People are making money by inviting their friends on it. The payment method is also easy in airlift. There are many payment methods are available for us. We can pay online, also it offers cash on delivery feature, which is very useful for us. Although it’s a good shopping and e-commerce app in Pakistan.


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