How to Earn Money From Daraz App

Hi guys, do you want to earn money from daraz app? Don’t worry! In this article I am going to tell you all the earning methods from daraz app. First of all you need to know, what is daraz app?

Basically Daraz is an e-commerce website. It is one of the popular site in Pakistan. All kinds of shopping can be done from the daraz app. There are 10 million + products are available on it. 80% of people in Pakistan use Daraz App for online shopping. So, now you know about Daraz App. Now, we will discuss, how to earn money from daraz app.

There are many methods to Earn Money From Daraz App. But, we will discuss most popular and useful earning methods.

1: Become a Seller on Daraz App

If you are a shopkeeper, or you want to open your own shop. So you guys can open your own online store on Daraz App. There are many benefits to opening your own store on Daraz App. The first benefit is that you can expand your business. Just sign up daraz seller account and start selling online Second, you can easily run your own business from home. Now the question arises that:

How to Open a Store on Daraz App?

It is very easy to open a store on Daraz App. Just pick your mobile and type a message like this :

“Daraz” space “Name”

After writing message send it to 7575.

You can also register yourself on the plateform’s seller sign up page.

After registering yourself on daraz seller page. You need to follow some important steps.

  1. List Your Products in Your Store
  2. Try to Receive Orders and Sell Your Products All Over the Pakistan
  3. Receive your Payments & Grow your Business.

How to Upload Products on Daraz?

It is very simple to upload your products on daraz. Just login your daraz seller account. Click Add Products & enter your all details and photos of your product. After that, click on Submit.

How Daraz Seller Works?

It is a platform for sellers on daraz to sell their products all over Pakistan. Just register and upload your products. After selling get your payments directly in your account.

2: Daraz Affiliate Program

Daraz affiliate program is an amazing thing for content creators, youtubers, digital marketers and bloggers. It is very simple and easy to earn money from daraz affiliate program. Just sign up daraz affiliate program and recommend daraz products & start making money. It is such a great opportunity to earn money from daraz online shopping app.

3: Drop Shipping

If you do not want to sold your own products on daraz. You do not want to keep goods keep in stock, but you want to sell on daraz. Drop shipping is a great opportunity to earn money from daraz, without selling your own stuff. There are many platforms are available to use drop shipping. For example, you can buy products from OLX and sell on daraz, you can also use Alibaba & Ali Express and other online shopping platforms. Just purchase stuff from these online shopping websites, keep your commission and sell on app.

4: Offline Store

If you want to open your own shop/store offline. It is very easy for you. You can easily earn money from opening your offline store. Buy products from daraz app at cheap prices & sell these products with your commission. You don’t even have to be humiliated. Because you don’t have to go shopping yourself for your store. It’s all the matter of daraz. This is really a great way to earn money from daraz app.

Here are the real earning methods from daraz app. If you really want to make money on daraz. So, you can follow these methods.

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