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Savyour App

What is Savyour App?

Savyour is a most popular online earning app in Pakistan. It is very simple, easy & amazing app. There are many ways to earn money from Savyour App. Thousands of people are earning from this app.

Basically, savyour app gives cashbacks on purchasing different products from FoodPanda, Daraz.Pk, Naheed.Pk, Elo, Pizza Hut, Bata and also on different kinds of products.

Also savyour app has different earning methods for it’s users. Now, we discuss about all the online earning methods on savyour app.

Earning Methods On Savyour App:

1: Invite Friends and Earn Money

The first online earning method on savyour app is referral program. It is very easy to earn money from Savyour Referral Program. Savyour app gives 250 rupees on 1 referral. If you invite your friends on savyour app, you will earn a big amount of money. When your 1 friend use your link and create an account on savyour app, you will get 250 PKR in your Savyour Account Balance.

Savyour Account Balance

Your invitation reward will add in pending account balance. You cannot withdraw this amount until your friend does not purchase anything of Rs:100 by using savyour app. You can ask you friends to use savyour app for online shopping. When your friends will buy something from daraz, foodpanda or any other company. After purchasing of Rs:1000, your pending account balance will be transfer to your real wallet. After this you can easily withdraw your money from savyour app in your Easypaisa/Jazzcash or Bank Account. 

You can also use your referral link and share it on your whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and on your other social plateforms. More invitations gives you more money.

2: Spin and Win

Savyour App have Spin And Win feature. By using this option user can get cashback on her next purchase. The main purpose of spin snd win option in savyour app is to give extra cashback to it’s users.

Savyour App Spin And Win

You can also earn money from spin and win option in savyour app. If you got 10X cashback, you can earn huge money by this option. It is very simple, easy and cool online earning option in savyour app.

3: Get Cashbacks

Savyour app gives 3% to 15% cashback on online shopping. If you want to buy something online, you can use savyour app and get cashbacks. Savyour app give this cashback on, foodpnda, batta, and on many other platforms. It is a great way to earn money from Savyour App to get cashbacks.

These three ways of online earning from Savyour App are really amazing for users. You can easily earn money from Savyour App from these three methods. It is such a great app.

Now, we will discuss about creating account and withdrawal methods on savyour app.

How to Create Account on Savyour App?

It is very simple and easy to create an account on savyour app. You just need an email or mobile number. After installing app you just opwn it, and put your mobile number and other regarding information. After filling all the important information, you just tap on Create Account. Your account is ready for use.

How to Copy Savyour App Referral Link

If you want to cooy your invitation link in savyour app, it is is very smiple.

Savyour App Referral Link

Just open savyour app and click on right corner Refer and Get Cash. After clicking, you will be able to copy your savyour referral link. Just copy it and share it with your friends and on social media. You can easily share this link with your friends.

How to Withdraw Money From Savyour App?

For getting withdrawal from Savyour App. You must have an Easypaisa, Jazzcash or your Bank Account. Just open savyour app and click on wallet. The minimum Withdrawal Limit of Savyour App is Rs:250. You can easily get withdrawal from savyour app in your easypaisa, jazzcash or in your bank account. After sending withdrawal request you will receive your payment in under 48 hours.

Download Savyour App 👇

Download Savyour App

I hope after reading this article, you learn all the earning methods from savyour app. If you like our article, must share it with your friends. Thank you everyone!

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