How to Earn Money From Zarya App – Zarya App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

There are lot of  Online Earning Apps on Play Store. But I am going to tell you about an app, where you can earn money which you want. You must have thought it was a joke. But it is true. You can make as much money as you want from Zarya App. Firstly, I am going to introduce you to zarya app.

What is Zarya App?

Zarya is a digital wholesale platform from which you can resell products to your customers without any investment or risk. It is very easy to use zarya app. Also it is not much difficult to earn money from this app. You can easily earn money as you want.

Features of Zarya App :

1: Delivery facility across Pakistan

2: Set custom profit margins

3: Automatic transfer of profit every week

4: 100% original branded products

5: Easy to use and manage

Earn Money From Zarya App :

It is very simple and easy to earn money from zarya app. It is an online shopping store like amazone, alibaba or daraz. But it is a small store. You can purchase goods as you want. But you can also earn money from it. If you have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and on other platforms. You can easily make money by using your social media accounts to zarya app.

First you need to choose products which you want to resell. 

After that you need to copy product details and pictures. 

Last step, post these pictures and product details on your social media accounts. 

When you share the product details on your social media accounts. If people will like these products. It is sure that they want to purchase these products. If someone want to purchase one of these product, he/she can order to you. When you received your order, it is not a difficult task to deliver this product at customer given address. It is necessary to get the accurate address of a customer.

Then, put this address on Zarya App, fill details, select quantity and Select Your Profit which you want to get, and place an order. After placing an order, zarya app will send this product to customer address and collect payment. From this payment zarya app will deduct product price and will send you the profit in your zarya app account. This profit can show in your profile.

Zarya app will send you the profit which you earn every week. You must need to enter your payment details in zarya app. It is very easy to earn a lot of profit using this method.

Is Zarya Products Quality is Good?

I personally buy 5 items from zarya app. The quality of these products is outstanding. It is wrong to say that zarya products are just okay. Also I read reviews about zarya app on Play Store. The reviews of customers are so satisfying. So, don’t worry about the quality of products on zarya app.

How Much Zarya App Takes Time to Deliver a Product?

It totally depends upon your living area. If you lived in any city of Pakistan, you don’t need to worry about delivery times. If you want to deliver an item in a rural area, it takes some extra time. Normally zarya app delivers a product in 2 to 7 days in cities. But in villages it takes 3 to 10 days.

How to Get More Orders on Zarya App :

If you are a social media user, it is not difficult for you to get more orders on zarya app. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Snack Video and Whatsapp are the best social media platforms. You can use these social media platforms to advertise your products on these accounts. But you must need to have more fans on these platforms. When more people will see your posts, more orders you will get, also more money you will earn. You can easily Download Zarya App and start making money online.




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