How to Earn Money From VK (VKontakte) App

What is VK App?

VK app is also known VKontakte made by russia.It is a social media app just like Facebook and Instagram. You can share your photos, videos and your posts here. Also VK have a Clips section. This section is same as TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Users can post short videos here. This app is also Contains music, videos and messenger. People can chat between them, share videos and posts. VK gained 14 million mobile users from 2016-2021. So, this is a big social media app.

There are many people wants to earn money from VK app. This article is really useful for them. I am going to tell you, how you can earn money from VK App. After reading this article you can easily earn $10 to $20 daily from VK.

How to Earn Money From VK (VKontakte) App?

There are different ways to earn money online from VKontakte. But, I am going to tell you the easiest method to earn money from vk. If you have a mobile phone and a good internet connection, you can easily earn upto $20 daily from vk.

In this method you will not earn directly money from VKontakte. But, you will earn money by Using VK app on your mobile. The complete method is very easy and simple. You will earn money by following users on VKontakte, by viewing videos and liking videos on it. Everyone can do it easily. I am going to tell you these simple steps which you need to follow to earn money from vk.

Install VK App on Your Mobile :

First you need to Install VKontakte app on your mobile from PlayStore or AppStore. After installing, create an account on vk. You also need to verify your email address and your mobile number. After that update your profile photo on it. Also you must need to do 1 post at leat. These steps are very essential to earn money from VKontakte.

Create an Account on :

Vkserfing is a website which you can use to earn money from VKontakte. First you must need to create account on After creating an account, verify your email address and fill up your details. It is necessary to complete and verify your account on vkserfing.

Connect Your VKontakte Account to Vkserfing Website :

After creating accounts on VKontakte and Vkserfing, you need to connect these accounts each other. Go to vkserfing homepage. Click on 3 dots in left top corner. Ckick on Tasks. Click on connect VKontakte account. Put your email/number and password of vkontakte app and click on sign in. After signing in, you will see a lot of vkontakte tasks.

Complete VKontakte Tasks and Earn Money :

After successfully connecting your vkontakte account to vkserfing. Just click on top left corner on 3 dots and click on Tasks. You will see vkontakte like, follow, subscribe, comment and share tasks. When you will complete these tasks, you will get coins. Each tasks will have different prices. Some tasks gives high prices and some low. These tasks starts from 0.10₽ to 0.50₽. When you complete 1 task successfully, your balance will add in your withdrawal section. You can see your earned balanced in withdrawal section.

Vkserfing Referral Program :

It is very easy to earn money from Vkserfing Referral Program. Just click on Referral and copy your invitation link. You can share this referral link with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instagram etc. When your friends will join vkserfing and works on it. You will earn a lot of referral commission. This referral program is really amazing for you, if you have a lot of traffic on your social media.

How to Withdraw Money From

Vkserfing gives withdrawal in rubbles. You can withdraw your money in 4 different types of wallets namely Payeer, Qiwi, YuMoney and Perfect Money. You can connect any wallet to vkserfing and complete your threshold. Minimum Withdrawal is 100₽. After earning 100 rubbles send a withdrawal request. You will received your withdrawal in 7 working days.

Vkserfing is Legit or Scam :

Vkserfing is a very old Russian Website. Many of my friends are working on it from few months. They can get withdrawal many times. Also they had no problem working here. People come here to promote their VKontakte accounts. They paid for this to vkserfing. It keeps 50% money and gives 50% to users, who complete tasks here. So, vkserfing is a real website. You can work here freely. As well as making money, you can promote your VKontakte account from this site.

How Much We Can Earn Daily From Vkserfing.Ru?

It totally depends upon your hard work and your smart mind. You you complete tasks and work for 3 to 4 hours, you can easily earn upto $10. But you can earn a lot of money by inviting your friends on it. Vkserfing referral program is very amazing. I personally earn upto $500 by just inviting my friends. Just Create an Account on Vkserfing and start earning from today.


If you want to earn money by completing simple tasks. You can earn money by following users on tiktok, instagram and Twitter by using Also read an article about Everve.Net to earn money online.

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